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Vitamix Blender...and More PDF Print E-mail

Vital Kitchen Appliance

vitamix-pro200In 1937, W.G Barnard was a salesman of "modern" home products and introduced an all–new product—the blender—to his line. This blender was the very first Vitamix machine. With this introduction, the first of its kind, W.G Barnard revolutionized an industry.

When television made its debut in 1949, his son booked a 30–minute time slot in Cleveland and created the first–ever direct response commercial, which ran for several years in many markets and made the blender a household word

The business has stayed in the Barnard family for over 70 years. In 1964, the company name was officially changed to Vitamix Corporation. The Vitamix revolutionized what could be done in a blender. Its large motor and friction cooking capability enabled these amazing machines to freeze, create ice cream, grind grain, cook soup and pulverize whole fruits and vegetables, and more.

In 2007, the new Vitamix 5200 was introduced. This is a machine that "papa Barnard could only have dreamed of, and everything that his son bill Barnard wanted it to be”. Today's versatile Vitamix 5200 is capable of doing the work of 10 different kitchen appliances and over 50 different kitchen processes—without any attachments. The Vitamix 5200 is considered by many to be the best blender on the market.

Today, the Vitamix  corporation continues to grow.  Every Vitamix product, both commercial and household, is American made, built at the world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Vitamix is still family–owned and operated, focused on the importance of quality and customer service. It remains a family company, with Jodi (Barnard) President, and John Barnard Executive Chairman and COO.  The Vitamix mission continues: "To be the best blending equipment company in the world."

We will be sharing our Vitamix recipes, tips and thoughts in the coming weeks and months. It is certainly not the poster child for sleek or stunning kitchen appliances, but does simply beautiful work! If you watch the cooking shows, including one of our favorite cooking gurus, Martha Stewart, note how the Vitamix takes center stage.  It is an amazing kitchen workhorse – powerful, dependable, versatile, sturdy – -and so easy to use! Not only is the Vitamix capable of speeds up to 240 mph, but it does slow speed–blending as well. This slow speed and variable speed control is unique among blenders and allows for the ability to accomplish multiple tasks including: chopping. crushing ice, making frozen desserts, grinding, kneading dough, blending smoothies, creating nut butters, mincing vegetables, making hot soup and so much more. Yes, it is an investment (the model #5200 Standard, costs about $450) but comes with a seven-year warranty and loads of support.)

So let’s begin…

What can you do with the Vitamix in the kitchen, specifically the kosher kitchen? We are keeping the recipes parve and Passover friendly, since we are suggesting that Passover is a perfect time to ‘inaugurate’ new kitchen accessories. We currently have only one container and blade, however, it is already quite evident to us that we will soon need a second set as well…one for dairy, and one for meat. And, perhaps next year, a new set for Passover.

•  Almond Milk
•  Fresh Fruit Smoothie – Design Your Own
•  Homemade Horseradish
•  Homemade Vegetable Stock

For more information or to purchase, visit The Vitamix 5200C model is available on

March 14, 2012

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